Shot the Saiyyan lyric video about a month ago. The first launch was at Gilly’s where Lagori played live last week. Web release was today.

The brief was the set the mood for a slow lyric video, without having digital text. The song sounded very earthy, which is why I decided to use the brown wrapping paper we’re so used to seeing as kids. The red text stood out better than chalk, which I initially planned to use to write the text.

saiyyan lyric video

Shooting for the Saiyyan lyric video was entirely at Hesarghatta lake bed and the fields around, with the sun popping out here and there, and intermittent rains. It was no easy task, I tell you. Also, first time I’m shooting something with continuity, and acting, so yes, a good challenge in the end. Ashel was easy to work with, eager to do anything I suggested. And yes, Shilpa, with some beautiful suggestions, and camera work.

Photographer tip

If you’ve planned a money shot in advance, and the situation/time goes against it, don’t listen. Still plan and execute that shot. There’s this one slider shot I wanted no matter what at 3:13. It rained, and we were pretty much done with all shots and decided to break for lunch. We came back, and I made sure we took it, carrying the heavy slider for half a kilometre in wet grass, spent 30 mins to get a good angle, and then took that 1 single shot. I could’ve substituted any other walking shot in there in the edit, but I was being adamant.

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