Exporting Indian culture to the USA

We couldn’t let go of Chris Jarosz, without having him remember us by. And what best way, than a Methiyadi? A perfect mix of tradition and modern masala, a subtle way of exporting Indian culture. Our little way of saying thank you, for all the little things you taught us, and the movement you shared with the members of Tarantismo.

Exporting Indian culture - Chris Jarosz

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Chris, he was one of the judges at the Artists in Action, where we first met him. Apart from SYTYCD, he’s also been a part of a couple of TV series and the Emmy awards. He’s been a part of the famous dance piece “Viva Elvis!”.

And since he was travelling to Bangalore after then event, he was more than ecstatic to collaborate and work with us. There was a lot we learnt from his feedback about our technique, and I’m sure we gave him some new details in Indian classical dance too.

If you are looking to pick up one, check out their site  Methiyadi

Paper Bag

Josco founded in 1972, is an established Footwear Company operating in South India and the Gulf Countries. Josco has been carrying out its operations under two brands Miami Cushion and Fischer.

‘The Methiyadi Stop’ is an innovative retail concept introduced by Josco to sell the unique Methiyadi Footwear designed and registered by Josco. The ‘STOP’ offers the FUN and EXCITEMENT of creating a unique Methiyadi of your choice. Here you can MIX n MATCH from an array of delightful colours ranging from Hot Pink To Cool Blue To Funky Orange…

Info from their site.

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