Body garage

If dancing and the gym weren’t enough, I’ve joined this unique fitness class called Body Garage. 1 hour of pure adrenaline and testosterone.

Body garage

The classes happen 3 days a week, on Tuesday, Thursdays and Friday’s in the evening. You can catch some more updates on their facebook page. That’s my trainer, Suhail, in a chinese split.

Primarily meant for kickboxing and mixed martial arts, preliminary training and technique is required. Along with that, stamina, strength and flexibility is also drilled in. Techniques taught involve yoga, calisthenics, martial arts, plyometrics, weight training and a whole lot of cardio.

Don’t like the gym monotony, but still want to stay in shape? This is the place for you.

Please note that Body Garage is in no way affiliated to me, or is sponsoring this. I’m giving this out as useful information for those who live close to my home.


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