Lagori, the band, released their debut album

One of my favourite bands, Lagori, has just released their debut album. They combine Indian classical melodies and inflections with Rock music, resulting in an interesting mix that is high on energy, while being catchy and soulful at the same time.Go buy it here, and thank me later!




The album is self-titled as Lagori, and is priced at Rs. 120/- and has a discount at the moment, so you can grab it at Rs. 99/- That’s a steal for the 8 songs on offer!


The first photo is part of the initial series I shot for them back when they had barely started. The shoot went on late into the evening, and I was loosing light fast. That’s when Geetanjali (whose house we were shooting in) mentioned that there was a lake behind her place.

10 minutes later, I had one the best jump shots I’ve got. The receding sun had burnt the horizon in a myriad hue of reds.


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