When they first announced that Sunburn would be heading to different cities, I was skeptical. Sunburn was associated with all things Goa. But then, Sunburn Bangalore showed me that we can definitely do justice to the music and dance festival.

Sunburn Bangalore

Shot on stage with Feddie Le Grand was making the crowd dance to some of his favourite tracks. A special thanks to his friend (whom I have no contact of unfortunately) for holding up the EDM symbol for me. In the background is the 5,000 plus Bangaloreans dancing in the pouring rain.

A big shout out to Bhushan Bagadia from Wagtail productions for getting me this shoot, and for Rahul from ARK Groupo for trusting me with the shoot 🙂 Was shooting video for this gig, while I managed to sneak in a shot or two.

Highlights of the show were

1. ShowTek grabbed my camera and started shooting for me.

2. Feddie Le Grand killing it with his set.

3. Paul Van Dyk plying the finale, and also playing the last song with the audience. He also spent time interacting with fans, and taking photos. Quite the heart-throb.

4. Bangalore, for dancing in the rain and cold weather. My heart goes out to you. Thank you for making me proud at Sunburn Bangalore.


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    Thank you to sharing.


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