Sapna’s bridal makeup for the wedding day

Shooting the bridal makeup for the wedding day was never my strength. Claude or Anup used to always shoot the bride, while I shoot the groom. Hence the lack of experience. This time though, I was included in the bridal makeup shoot since the groom didn’t want any pics of him getting ready.

bridal make up for the wedding day Sapna & Nithin-3 Sapna & Nithin-4 Sapna & Nithin-5 bridal make up for the wedding day Sapna & Nithin-9 Sapna & Nithin-10 Sapna & Nithin-12 bridal make up for the wedding day Sapna & Nithin-14 bridal make up for the wedding day

Sapna was quite surprised, when we said we were shooting the makeup, since we’d been in touch only with the groom. To top that, it wasn’t just one photographer, but 3. Anup, Mario and me. Mario tagged along to try his hand at photography with us. Not quite what a bride would expect in her state of unpreparedness.

So there we were, 3 of us, 2 makeup artistes and one bride. Few awkward moments later, the makeup was underway, and we were getting all shutter happy. That’s when I noticed that the light from the balcony door that was spilling on the bride was gorgeous. But it was difficult to use it in a lot of shots.

That’s when I decided to try my new flash triggers that I’d bought. Kept the flash off-cam on her wardrobe, and by far, the best decision I made that day. Anup saw that and got a little jealous I think, hehe. He started using the trigger too soon afterwards.

Photographer tip : Sometimes ambient light is just too gorgeous. Know when to use it, and make use of it. Comes with some practice.

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