Lagori – Kashmir song

A jam video i shot for Lagori. The song is called ” The Kashmir song ” and its about their experience while performing in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, Kashmir.

The jam room was located at Kasturinagar, which is quite close to Banaswadi. We shot for about 5 songs, of which we chose to go ahead only with the Kashmir song.

Videographer tip – Jam rooms are generally dimly lit, and acoustics are meant to loud hearing, and not recoding from ambient sound. Hence if your shooting, make sure you go with supporting light, or lenses with the large aperture.

You definitely can’t use the ambient sound, and need to sync the video with the audio being recorded. Continuity is something you really need to look out for in between cuts. Shooting along can make it cumbersome to take wide shots as well as close-ups.

Lagori – Kashmir song

Excerpt from their page.

Lagori makes music that reflects the face of the modern Indian youth. This Bangalore-based band combines Indian classical melodies and inflections with Rock music, resulting in an interesting mix that is high on energy, while being catchy and soulful at the same time.

Pronounced ‘La-go-ree’, the band gets its name from the popular street game played in south India. The band is fascinated by the rich diversity of culture that exists in the country. Especially the evolving definition of what it means to be ‘Indian’. Having grown up in the cosmopolitan city of Bangalore, a city that is a melting pot of cultures, ideas, languages and beliefs, Lagori’s music reflects the varied influences of each band member, culminating in unique, fresh and honest sound. In a short time, their music has won them a growing and passionate fan base, both online and offline.

The band’s live act is an energetic 90 minute performance that includes material from their first album, sung in Hindi and Kannada (the language spoken in Karnataka, the band’s home state), and interesting covers and mashups of music they are influenced by. Lagori is currently recording their first studio album and is looking at a late October – early November release.
The Kashmir song happens to be one of their audience favourites.

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